Heather Gonzales - 1st Grade

  • Email:heather.gonzales@leadnerisd.org
  • Birthday:
    Oct 5
  • Favorite Colors:
    blue and yellow
  • Favorite Flowers:
  • Favorite Breakfast Treat & Drink:
    breakfast taco and flavor coffee or a Caramel macchiato
  • Favorite Lunch Treat & Drink:
    sushi or tacos and sonic drink (ocean water) or a sparkling flavor water
  • Favorite Music:
  • Favorite Restaurants:
    Rosa's Tortilla Factory, Lupe Tortillas, Sushi Fever, and Whataburger
  • Favorite Places to Shop/receive a gift card from:
    Target, Nordstrom, Bath and Body Works, and Stitch Fix
  • Collectibles:
    Teacher supplies, sticker for my class, and children books.
  • Favorite Scent (candles, bath products, etc.):
    Cinnamon roll, vanilla, clean linen, leather
  • Favorite Hobbies, Sports, Activities:
    working out at the gym and running
  • If you could have any special treat show up on your desk, what would it be?
    I would love a fun/cute teacher supply, stickers, coffee, or sweet note/picture from my students.
  • What are your favorite hobbies and interests outside of school?
    I like spending time with my family and running at the gym.
  • How long have you been teaching? Have you taught other subjects and/or taught at other schools / interesting places?
    I have taught for 16 years, Lubbock TX 1st and 2nd grade
  • If you could travel or live anywhere in the world, where would you go?
    Cozumel and London